Boston Tweet-up in early August

22, July 2009

Following the great success and interest in our first Social Media seminar, I am planning to organize a tweet-up in the first half of August.

Please get in touch with me by email or leave a message below, and suggest topics of discussion as well as preferred day/time.

Wahyd Vannoni
Director of New Media / Coach

The Speech Improvement Company, Inc.

1614 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446

Phone: +1 617-739-3330
Fax: +1 617-232-9430



Obama Inauguration

26, January 2009

As witnessed by “Manifest” an hour before the inauguration of then President-elect Barak Obama.

Dog looking for a home

12, December 2008
From one of our readers in the Boston area.anndog1
Hi everyone. Charlie Parker, my current foster dog, is looking for a home. He’s an amazing guy, and I’d keep him myself, but he’s way too interested in my cats. Please forward this around to everyone you can think of. Thanks.

Charlie Parker is about 7 years old, and was picked up as a stray: matted, filthy and thin, but the hardship didn’t put a dent in his  sweet personality. He is very friendly with people and other dogs, wagging his tail and trying to approach everyone he sees to say hello. Charlie loves to go for walks on leash, and when he returns to the house he just loves lying around and hanging out at your side being petted. His will gaze lovingly at you with his big brown eyes as if to say, “I love you, you’re the best.”  He can sit and stay, and we’re working on shaking. He would do best in a home without cats.

Please call Ann if interested: 617-497-9745.


Webstock, the “Woodstock” of the web.

9, December 2008
Can you get to New Zealand for it?

Can you get to New Zealand for it?

5 full-on days. 8 hands-on workshops. 23 kick ass speakers. 26 must see presentations. Truckloads of design, development, user experience, web standards, content, community, innovation and inspiration.

Webstock ’09 will again be held at the Wellington Town Hall. It’s slap-bang in the middle of Wellington’s central business district and only a minute’s walk from the waterfront and views of the harbour.

Wellington Town Hall
111 Wakefield Street
New Zealand
Freephone: 0800 20 23 24

Click on the picture for more information.

The Blogging Revolution: Going online in repressive regimes

19, November 2008

Berkman Luncheon Series > 25 nov 2008 – 12:30pm

The Blogging Revolution: Going online in repressive regimes

Antony Loewenstein

Tuesday, November 25, 12:30 pm
Berkman Center, 23 Everett Street, second floor
RSVP required (
This event will be webcast live at 12:30 pm ET.

The post 9/11 Western media have done a terrible job of accurately reporting the majority of the globe. In 2007, Australian journalist, author and blogger Antony Loewenstein traveled to Egypt, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and China to investigate how the net was challenging authoritarian regimes, the role of Western multinationals such as Google in the assistance of web filtering and how misinformed we are in the West towards states considered “enemies” or “allies”. The result is his acclaimed new book, The Blogging Revolution.

The Blogging Revolution (, published by Australia’s leading publisher Melbourne University Publishing, was released internationally in September 2008.

About Antony

Antony Loewenstein ( is a Sydney-based blogger, author of The Blogging Revolution (2008) and My Israel Question (2006) and freelance journalist who has written for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Haaretz and The Nation, among many others.

“Green for All” – MIT Event

17, November 2008


Sustainability@Sloan Speaker Series: Van Jones, Founder, “Green for All”


Wed Nov 19 17:30 – Wed Nov 19 19:00




Created By

Scott for MIT Sloan School of Management


Sustainability@Sloan Series: Van Jones, Founder, "Green for All"

The Future of Radio and Digital Music

12, November 2008


Tim Werstergren - Founder:

17 nov 2008 – 2:30pm

The Future of Radio and Digital Music

Tim Westergren, Chief Strategy Officer & Founder of Pandora

RSVP required (

The arc of Pandora as a technology company moving through the dot-com boom, bust, and rebirth has provided a great foundation for discussions of topics ranging from seed investing and early stage growth, to bridge loans, deferred salary and mezzanine financing; from intellectual property questions and competitive positioning to viral marketing and managing a rapidly growing consumer service during an economic crisis.   Additionally, Pandora has been engaged in a battle over royalty rates for the past 18 months which lends itself to a whole host of additional discussion topics such as copyright law and grassroots movements (we engaged our listeners in a campaign to save net radio which resulted in millions of calls, faxes and emails to capital hill).

Tim Westergren appeared in issue N6 of Manifest. Click “archives” to retrieve it.