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Manifest N15

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  • Editorial: I want to work for IBM
  • “Dublin Lawyer” an alternative dish by Kate Wheeler
  • Pro Wrestling: a not so secret vice by Johnny D Mackenzie
  • St. Patrick… not born in Ireland.


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Manifest N14

1 Mar 2009


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Manifest N13

15 Fev 2009

  • “Susie of Arabia” meets an Afghan refugee in a Burger King in Saudi Arabia.
  • Rob Carrey: A California-born teacher relates his experiences in Germany.
  • Short anonymous stories in less than 100 words.
  • “Jantelov”: 10 Rules for living in Denmark
manifest n12

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Manifest N12

1 Feb 2009

  • “In search of Lost Time” in Mumbay
  • Starting-up a company in India, an interview with CEO Leo Mavely
  • 36 Hours with Jeremy Hay
  • Leaving the comforts of Prague to travel the world with Aubrey and Dan
  • Abraham Lincoln, a portrait by Rob Carey
  • A list of all 44 US presidents

Manifest N11


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15 Jan 2009

In this issue:

  • The Euro: the next Byzantine Currency?
  • The Origins of the Epyphany by Father Giuseppe Caruso
  • The Art of Selecting Talent by Thomas Mueller
  • “Am I addicted to the Internet?” asks Sam Saleh
  • Taking Micro-Blogging to the Next Level: An interview with Mike Langford

Manifest N10Manifest N10

15 Dec 2008

In this issue:

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  • Bringing quality education to Mongolia
  • Living and working in Tanzania
  • Esfahān, Iran: a city in a class by itself

Manifest N9

Manifest N9

1 Dec 2008

  • Thoughts for food.
  • Sandra Plourde on moving from Zagreb to Cape Town
  • Sam Saleh ponders what she will take to the grave
  • “Aspirational Lifestyles” by Scott Smith
  • Caroline Barry assesses the google phone

Manifest N8

Manifest N8

15 Nov 2008

  • Politics 2.0: a case study of how to use social media.
  • A check-list for people in post-chemotherapy
  • Bergamo, a city full of surprises
  • Cursed mug for sale
  • Sharon Frost, an artist in New York City

Manifest N7

1 Nov 2008

  • Video killed the TV Star – Editorial (Where to watch TV on the web)
  • How to develop a thicker skin? – by 19 years-old Scott Young from Manitoba, Canada
  • India, the sum of its parts is small – by Firose H. in India
  • The challenges of a muslimah in New York City, by Sam Saleh
  • From Zambia to Brazil via Edinburgh – Tadeusz Deregowski on his geographic and artistic journey

Manifest N6

15 Oct 2008

In this issue:

  • The Hoodwinking of the American Public by Thomas Mueller
  • Athanasios Vamvakidis of the IMF, on age and the attribution of the Nobel Prize
  • The “Music Genome Project“‘s founder, Tim Westergren
  • Flos Vingerhoets: How to make it as an illustrator?

Manifest N5

Manifest N5

1 Oct 2008

In this issue:

  • The future of publishing
  • Emmanuel Smague reflects on his time in Mongolia
  • Letter to a Minotaur
  • Gabi Campanario, from Spain to the Seattle Times
  • PMG’s ideal day

Manifest N4

15 Sept 2008

In this issue we have reports on:

  • What to look for in the upcoming presidential debates
  • Personal path to adoption
  • Housing woes
  • The difficulties of being an illustrator

Manifest N3

1 Sept 2008

In this issue we have reports from:

  • The Olympic Games
  • Montreal, International Beer Festival
  • Alien Worlds

Manifest N2

15 Aug 2008

In this issue we have reports from:

  • Thailand and finally finding one’s grand-father’s grave
  • Hong Kong, building the Olympic Stadium with LEGOs
  • the Future

Manifest N1

1 Aug 2008

Welcome to the first issue of Manifest magazine.

Manifest was created to provide a publishing platform for ordinary people with extraordinary talents and ideas.

It will be published on the 1st and 15th of every month by email.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

I am also looking for people from around the world to help me, in whatever capacity, in this venture.

Thank you,


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