The Future of Radio and Digital Music


Tim Werstergren - Founder:

17 nov 2008 – 2:30pm

The Future of Radio and Digital Music

Tim Westergren, Chief Strategy Officer & Founder of Pandora

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The arc of Pandora as a technology company moving through the dot-com boom, bust, and rebirth has provided a great foundation for discussions of topics ranging from seed investing and early stage growth, to bridge loans, deferred salary and mezzanine financing; from intellectual property questions and competitive positioning to viral marketing and managing a rapidly growing consumer service during an economic crisis.   Additionally, Pandora has been engaged in a battle over royalty rates for the past 18 months which lends itself to a whole host of additional discussion topics such as copyright law and grassroots movements (we engaged our listeners in a campaign to save net radio which resulted in millions of calls, faxes and emails to capital hill).

Tim Westergren appeared in issue N6 of Manifest. Click “archives” to retrieve it.


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