“Manifest” is a vehicle for expressing original ideas, through words or pictures.

in the form of short-stories, poems, haiku etc…

such as essays about current affairs, a particular life experience etc…

“I wish I had been there!”. This is the feeling your news article should generate in your readers. It could be anything from a town-fair.

“It does make me wonder”. Another feeling you might want to convey, which is not incompatible with the first, is that of wonder. For instance, is your city or town implementing a revolutionary energy-saving program? Are there social aspects, troublesome or inspiring, that the world needs to know about?

In general,

Filter your ideas by asking yourself whether what you want to write about has already been covered.

Impress, without trying to impress.

Do you know someone whose life, ideas, work are out of the ordinary? Interview this person!

Is your life, for whatever reason, out of the ordinary? Tell the world!

Looking for a job in a niche sector? Send your biography, it will have its own one-page section.

Tips: parenting, cooking, computer

Reviews: books, theatre, films, etc… It’s alright if it is local as long as you feel people elsewhere will find it interesting

Pictures, sketches, watercolours,

In general, think about what truly moves you and makes you wonder.
Reciprocate that feeling.

Submit your work here.


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