Wahyd Vannoni more than 15 years experience in media and international corporate communications.

He consulted and coached at the highest corporate levels in a variety of industries. His areas of expertise include message generation, communication strategy at corporate level, media training, public speaking and presentation skills.

In 2009, he has developed New England’s first “personal branding through social media” service.

(Wahyd Vannoni, biography)

He was born in London and was educated in France, Monaco, the UK and the US.

He started his professional career in Beirut Lebanon where he interned for Société Générale. He then joined CNN International’s “World Business Today” program as research assistant in London, UK. Shortly after earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Boston University he was recruited in 1997 by BankBoston’s International Private Banking division. Since 2001 he has focused on corporate communications consulting. His first big client was John Samarron then CTO at British Telecom, whom he advised during BT’s proposed spin-off of O2. In 2004 he advised a member of the board of the European Central Bank on managing the media and getting his message across. He moved to Croatia in 2005 to set-up his own communications consulting firm: mediacodex.

His clients included Ferrovie dello Stato, one of the largest employer in southern Europe. Ferrovie entrusted him with the task of coaching and consulting with more than 100 directors in presentations skills, public speaking and media training.

At Capitalia, a financial group valued at $29bn in 2007, he was called-in to generate presentations and coach their analysts and directors for a critical conference on a revised international capital framework titled “Basel II”.

In 2006, he got elected as member of the board of the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia. He also wrote articles for the Chamber’s magazine and has his own column on, an internet news portal.

In 2007, mediacodex was selected as runner-up among 27 companies, by the European Union for a communications program in Croatia. It also advised the US Embassy staff in Croatia. He is now back in Boston where he continues to consult and coach.




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