Manifest is about “ordinary people with extraordinary experiences”.

Manifest’s objectives:

  • To gather original writings on any subject matter, from anyone, from anywhere.
  • To publish them world-wide.
  • To publish them for free.


Because you have extraordinary ideas and opinions and feel the need to share them for the greater good.

Because you want to read about these ideas in a frictionless manner.

Because you are tired of trying to sort-out a few literary gems from an ocean of junk; whether from well-established sources or so-called new-media.

Because your interests are varied.

Because the media patronise you.


  • Send us your writing and art
  • Refer us to other “ordinary people with extraordinary ideas”
  • Link to us
  • Suggestions are always welcome
  • Take a picture of Manifest in your area (on the right).


info AT mediacodex DOT com


2 Responses to About/Contact

  1. Susan Rudat says:

    Manifest folks,

    You recently contacted me through flickr.com about my art. I would be happy to do an interview with you.

    Periodically, I have a look at your magazine, I find it well-written, informative and entertaining. What a great idea for a magazine!

    Wayd, you have a very impressive resume, great work.

    Thank you for the interest, hope to hear from you soon.


    Susan Rudat

  2. Ken Lax says:

    Just discovered Manifest through a friend, Sharon Frost / Day Books. I am a loyal subscriber now.
    Ken Lax

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