Can Social Media help public radio?

A report from WBUR’s december tweet-up.

The discussion centered around how, public radios such as WBUR can use social media.

Several proposals were made:

* Allow phone/PDA’s contributions and
* Encourage several low contributions ($1 to $5) in addition to the current four official fund-raisers
* Make the act of contributing seamless
* Any contribution, however low, should result in membership (currently the minimum is set at $60/year)
* Recognize contributors who referred other donors
* Distribute electronic badges (I pledged) in the form of a .gif that people/bloggers/twitterers can display on their social media platforms and…
* Create an electronic equivalent of membership donor card
* Open archives on a pay-per-download basis (though this might be tough to negotiate with NPR, CPB etc…)

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One Response to Can Social Media help public radio?

  1. Ken George says:

    Your hired. 😉

    Thanks for the efficient note-taking but I guess that is too be expected from a business consultant.

    I am starting to point people to your blog, which aside from the above, is chock full of some interesting stuff and praticial advice.

    Give my best to Samir and Macha. And get them on Twitter!

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