TV on the web… Supplement to Manifest N7

This is a short list of websites which broadcast TV shows. However, with just these, you might realise that you do not need cable television after all.


Al Jazeera on Livestation

Al Jazeera on Livestation

Recommended player:

Livestation: a free stand-alone player which will allow you to hundreds of news channels and radio channels. Among others are: CBC, RAI NEWS, FRANCE 24, CSPAN, ITV, RUSSIA TODAY.

Series and Films For a comprehensive serving of current television shows.

The Simpsons, Lost, Family Guy, Saturday Night Live etc…

and Films

Planet of the Apes, Fever Pitch, The Madness of King George.

Click here for the alphabetical list.

Live Sports this website points to live sports events.

In general, visit the website of the channel which broadcasts your show.

Daily Motion and Youtube also carry series and quality videos.


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